Sunday, June 04, 2006

Everyday Happenings

Sarbud was on his way home from the grocery store. Despite the pudge around his waist, he was glad that he lived in the city and could walk from his home to all the needed modern conveniences; his favorite being the grocery store. A white plastic bag sagged by his side. The bag struggled to hold the multiple jars of pickles and bunches of bananas, as well as a single loaf of wheat bread. He loved pickle and banana sandwhiches. Nothing was better in the world and he couldn't understand why sandwhich shops didn't offer them. One day, if he earned enough money, he was going to open his own sandwhich shop and there would be pickle and banana sandwhiches on the menu.

Along his walk Sarbud passed various types of housing, ranging from apartment complexes to small homes. About a block away from one small brick home his ears began to pick up the faint sound of music. He couldn't see the house yet, it was still hidden by the trees, but in his mind he knew what he would find when it came into sight. The car would be parked on the grass. In the carport there would be an old couch that had seen better days pushed to the back. To the side, there would be an upright piano that had also seen better days, but amazingly still was capable of holding a tune. Sitting at the piano playing would be a young man, whom Sarbud guessed attended the local college. He'd probably be dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He had glasses and well kept hair. He was also an exception piano player, at least to Sarbud he was. Sarbud didn't know anyone else who could play the Super Mario Brother's Theme so exceptionally well. Of course, Sarbud didn't know anyone else who could even play the theme.

As Sarbud neared the house he could hear the song more clearly, and began humming it to himself. He didn't think about what he was doing, he just started humming. He had heard the song everytime he passed the house and the young man was outside playing the piano. Sarbud didn't know if the young man knew how to play anything else. At least the tune was catchy and it provided a nice soundtrack, so Sarbud didn't mind.

As he listened to the music, Sarbud tuned out the world around him. He failed to notice the small brown dog who darted into the street, who was then promptly run over. The dog was flattened in its midsection, with the rest of its body still intact. Blood squirted out at odd angles. Had Sarbud noticed this, he would have thought it looked like ketchup being squirted from the bottle. He might even have wondered if a cat had been run over if its blood would be yellow, for if a dog had ketchup inside, then why couldn't a cat have mustard in side?

The dog's foray into the road had caused the driver who ran over it to swerve, and in so doing he had run his sports utility vehicle into a fire hydrant. An impromptu fountain had been created, with the water gushing well over two stories into the air. As it fell back to the ground, a young girl, who had been walking with her mother on the opposite side of the street from Sarbud, was asking about the rainbow. She wanted to know if they could go look for the pot of gold at the end of it, but her mother wanted nothing to do with the water and was dragging the child away from the hydrant, despite the child's protests. The driver of the SUV was at a loss for what he should do, so he leaned against a tree just out of reach of the water. He figured perhaps he should call the police, but surely someone else had seen the accident and would do that for him. He didn't want to use up the minutes on his cell phone. He fished a cigaret and a lighter from his shirt pocket and lit up a cigarette.

Sarbud missed all of this, he was so absorbed in his little world. He could see Mario rushing to save the princess now. He thought about how much fun Mario must have jumping on the Koopas and collecting coins. He also though about how Mario grew to such a large size when he ate a mushroom. Sarbud stopped walking for a moment, while the music continued to play in the background, and thought about this. Who had ever heard of growing big by eating a mushroom? It was just an absurd thing to have happen. Absolutely absurd.


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