Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Non-Story Post

So when I started this blog, I fooled myself. I said I'm going to write a short story every day and then post it. I quickly realized I couldn't keep up with that pace, so I decided I post a couple of a week. If the gap in my posts is any indication, that isn't necessarily going to work either. It isn't only that I haven't been writing, but several other events have intruded in my life that have keep me from transfering the worlds in my head onto the page, whether that page is paper or electronic. Also, the currently story I'm writing has turned out longer than I thought it would and I can't bring myself to post it half finished. I'll post it when it's done.

In the meantime, when I'm not writing I'm usually reading - a lot. I love to read, as the number of books that sit on my bookshelf and around my room can attest to. I also read a lot of material on the internet and it ranges across all kinds of topics. So to keep this blog fresh and to fill the time between short story posts, which I will continue to post, I figured I'd post my thoughts on various topics or else link to something interesting I've found and that I think others might enjoy. To start with, I came across this interesting essay on entertainment and literature. It is by Michael Chabon and it is also the introduction to the book
Best American Short Stories 2005. Enjoy.



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